Japanese free materials

Hello! I am Mayo.

Japanese verbs can be categorized into 3 groups.
When the verbs change their form into polite form and o ...

Travel in Japan

Hello everyone, my name is Mayo.
I am Japanese girl who loves Indian culture and Hindi language.

Today, I want to share th ...


Hi! I am Mayo. I am 25 year old Japanese.

Many Indian people have asked me “how to make Japanese friends?” “ ...

Learn new words

Color is 色(Iro) in Japanese.

Today, I am going to teach how to say colors in Japanese.

First, please watch my YouTube vi ...

Life in Japan

Many people asked me specific questions.
I am going to answer here so that everyone can read and get the knowledge!!!

I want ...

Life in Japan

Some people asked me about the Japanese school system.
I don’t know all kinds of school in Japan because but I ...

Japanese free materials, Learn new words


Japanese numbers are not so difficult!!
Please watch the video first!

#PronounciationKanji0zero/rei零1ichi一2ni二3s ...

Japanese free materials, Learn new words

Day of the week in Japanese

Here is the table of day of the week in Japanese.

日本語日本語हिंदी English日曜日nichiyōbiरविवारSunday月曜日g ...

Japanese characters, Japanese free materials

Three Characters in Japanese language

The Japanese language has three characters.


F ...

Japanese characters, Japanese free materials


I am Mayo, Japanese YouTuber who teach Japanese language and introduce Japan in Hindi.
I share Japanese language mater ...