3 Verb Groups in Japanese

Japanese verbs can be categorized into 3 groups.

It’s necessary to memorize those 3 groups so that you can change the form of verbs to create masu form(polite form), past tense etc…

YouTube video.

Here is the youtube video about 3 verb groups.(in Hindi)



3 verb groups in Japanese

Here are the 3 groups of Japanese verbs.


As you can see, you can differentiate those 3 groups with how the verb ends.
We have many verbs in group.1 and group2  but we have only 2 verbs in  group3.


How to make masu form?

“Masu form” is a polite form of verbs.
It can be present tense as well as future tense depending on the contexts.

Now that you learned 3 verb groups, you can create masu form following the rules below.


For more info on masu form, please watch this video!