Frequently asked questions.

Many people asked me specific questions.
I am going to answer here so that everyone can read and get the knowledge!!!

I want to go to Japan and study Japanese. What should I do?

  1. You should decide the school first.
    Click this website and see all the Japanese schools in Japan. (The website is in English!)
  2. If you find the schools you like, contact the school and apply.
  3. If the school accept you, you can apply for the visa.
  4. After you get the visa, you can hop on the plane and start your life in Japan.

What is the cost of learning Japanese in Japan?

The cost depends on a lot of factors.
For example,
-Tokyo is expensive but the countryside is cheap.
-School fee depends on the school.
-Rent depends on house size.
-Vegetarian food is more expensive than non-vegetarian food in restaurants.

Here is an example of expenses.
I made this by asking several Indian friends. The minimum could be lower and the maximum could be higher depending on the quality you want or the cities you live in.

Flight ticket (Round) ₹40,000₹100,000
Japanese school fee(1 year)₹400,000₹500,000
Rent(1 year)₹300,000₹534,000
Electoricity, water and gas. (1 year) ₹40,000₹65,000
Wifi for house(1 year) ₹20,000₹35,000
Phone bill with internet (1 year) ₹20,000₹35,000
Food (1 year)₹100,000₹380,000
Medical Insurance(1 year) ₹60,000₹100,000
Entertainment expenses,travel, movie, etc..(1 year)₹100,000₹250,000

For School fee, you can check each school’s fee from this website.

I want to work in Japan. How do I get a job in Japan?

First of all, you need to pass at least N3 of JLPT(Japanese language exam) to get a job in Japan. (I highly recommend to pass N1 of JLPT to get a great job in Japan.)
Japanese people don’t use English in business. We only speak Japanese. So, if you want to work in Japan, you need to study Japanese.

By the time you pass JLPT, you will get the idea of how to get the job in Japan.
You need to find the company that you like and apply for it.
You can also use the recruiting company to find the right company for you.
[Example of recruiting companies]
G Talent(Foreigner/ IT engineer)
JOBS in Japan

If you can study in college or language school in Japan, you can use the specific platform for those foreign students. You can also find a recruiting event in Japan if you live in major cities in Japan.

In 2019, Japanese companies are looking for hiring more foreigners than ever. If you have proper Japanese skills and education, it is not difficult to find a job.


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