Recommended apps for Studying Japanese.

Hi! I am Mayo, a Japanese YouTuber who teaches the Japanese language in Hindi.

I conducted an interview to advanced Japanese learners and asked many Tips for studying Japanese.
Here are the full videos of the interview.


In Part.1 video, we introduced several useful applications to study the Japanese language.
Below is the list of applications that are mentioned in the video.

Recommended by Anwesh ji

1) Takoboto –…
2) Poro Japanese Grammar –…
3) JPro –…
4) Tsukiji –…
5) Kanji Study –… (or)…
6) Mazii –… 


Recommended by Manish ji

  1. Japanese Kanji Tree –
  2. Tsukiji 2 – Kanji learning app –


Good luck with your study!!
See you again soon!



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